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Aqua Villa, ville d"exception à vendre à Anahita, Île Maurice
Soon for sale at Anahita, Mauritius
Ideally located at the heart of Anahita Resort which is renowned for its exquisite golf course, this luxury villa offers unmatchable services. All situated amidst a magnificent greenery decor minutes away from a marvellous blue lagoon.
Maurituis, Anahita, Aqua Villa : A unique location

A unique location

This secured and guarded private property offers you access to all of the Resort’s facilities such as the bar-restaurant, a golf course, recreational areas and direct access to the beach. These privileges are a real bonus for you to enjoy a complete relaxation. However the most exquisite asset of this villa remains its soothing and calm atmosphere, far from the hustle of daily life. The whole set-up will undoubtedly seduce you.

Mauritius, Anahita, Aqua Villa : Serenity and Wellness
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Aqua Villa, ville d"exception à vendre à Anahita, Île Maurice
Serenity and Wellness
A private access will lead you to the villa, ensuring you complete security in the middle of a mature and lush vegetation. Every material used in its structure is a subtle reminder of the surrounding nature. The serenity of this sumptuous property completes the whole experience.
Aqua Villa, ville d"exception à vendre à Anahita, Île Maurice
An exquisite scenery
The warm and welcoming atmosphere of this modern villa will certainly make you feel a change of scenery . This residence is a beautiful blend of luxury and exotic flavours by its unique location in a lavish vegetation at the heart of a prestigious golf course. An elegant pool embellishes and completes this marvellous landscape.
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1. Foundation and basement
• Foundation blocks and foundations are made of reinforced concrete slab in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications
• Foundation walls are made of 200mm thick concrete blocks and 200mm thick reinforced concrete walls in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications

2. Structure
• External : Pillars, reinforced concrete beams and 200 mm thick concrete walls in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications
• Interior : 150 - 200mm thick concrete wall
• Floor slabs : Concrete slabs in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications

3. Roofing
• Sloping roof slabs and flat roofs in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications
• Slate tiles fixed in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications
• Tile terraces and balconies laid on a waterproofed surface

4. External wall finishes
4.1 Stone walls
• Pavement made of selected volcanic stones, randomly placed on certain walls of facades.
• Anchor rods placed at regular intervals to ensure solid fixation of stones and mortar in compliance with the structural engineer’s specifications
4.2 Plastered concrete walls
• 18-20mm thick cement mortar layer for a high quality plaster finish
• undercoat plus three layers of antifouling paint. Color palette according to architect specifications

5. Interior wall finishes
5.1 Dry Area
• Coated with 15 mm thick cement mortar.
• 3-5 mm plaster for high quality finish.
• Undercoat plus three layers of satin finish emulsion paint
5.1 Wet Area
• Ceramic tiles fixed from floor to ceiling on some walls of the bathrooms.
• Ceramic and / or granite tiles on kitchen walls above the counter.
• Wax concrete on specific surfaces of the bathrooms.

6. Floor finish
6.1. Interior spaces
• Selection of homogeneous ceramic tiles with corresponding joints.
6.2. Bathrooms
• Ceramic tiles on floors with waterproofing treatment.
• Concrete waxed in specific areas of shower with a sealing treatment.
• 6.3. Varangue and terraces
• Selection of homogeneous non-slip tiles for exteriors, with corresponding joints.

7. Ceiling finish
• Suspended plasterboard ceilings coated with an undercoat plus three coats of satin finish emulsion paint

8. Openings

• Aluminum windows and doors with clear or opaque safety glazing panes designed to withstand tropical and cyclonic conditions
• Entrance door made of solid wood.
• Interior doors made of solid wood
• Shower glazing glass panes in selected areas of the bathrooms.

9. Vertical glass panes and pergolas

• Solid wood and / or galvanized steel and painted according to Engineer’s specifications,
Finishes (varnishes or paints) according to the Architect’s specifications.

1. Electrical installations
• Recessed electrical installation and quality fittings (European standard) in all rooms.
• LED lighting for all indoor and outdoor lighting points (walls, floors and ceilings).
• Power outlets in all areas.
• Electrical installation certified by the electrical engineer.

2. Bathroom, fixtures and fittings
• High quality bathroom furniture supplied by an approved supplier.
• High quality sanitary wares according to architect’s selection
• High quality taps according to the architect's selection.
• High quality fittings by an authorized supplier according to the architect's selection.

3. Plumbing installations
• Installation of hot and cold pipes and hoses for kitchens and bathrooms.
• LPG gas for kitchens with external gas tank.

4. Air conditioning and ventilation systems
• Individual air conditioning system in all rooms.

5. Kitchens and laundry
• High-end kitchen and laundry furniture by an authorized supplier.

6. Computerised communication system
• Facilities and services provided by IT specialists
• Internet access throughout the villa
• IPTV system
• Telephone line, intercom
• Alarm system ready to be installed according to specialists' details

7. Waste management
• All wastewater will be connected to the Anahita treatment plant.
Separate irrigation water system available on site for gardening.

1. Driveway and parking
• Self-locking pavers in selected areas according to architect’s details.
• Pedestrian gate opening controlled by intercom or digi-pad.
• Automated sliding gate for vehicles.

2. Landscaping
• Instant lawn and landscaping according to the plans and specifications of the landscape architect
• Automatic irrigation system installed according to the specialists' details.

3. Pool and ponds
• Construction of the pool and ponds by a specialist.
• Tiling of the pool and ponds according to the architect recommendations
• Swimming pool deck in homogeneous non-slip tiles according to the architect's selection 

• Two world class resorts in close proximity, Anahita, The Resort and Four Seasons Resort Mauritius
• Butler service available in villa
• 7 restaurants and 3 bars close to the villa
• Private beaches
• Secure residential complex
• Adhesion to Anahita Golf Club on request
• Access to a wide range of leisure activities

Aqua Villa • Technical Team

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Aqua Villa • Villa d'exception at Anahita, Maurituis
Disclaimer : Non-contractual document. Photos, illustrations and specifications are representative of the intent of the seller / developer. Plans and amenities are subject to change without notice. The furniture and fittings are only indicative.

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